Elite Paint is the ONLY producer of this special kind of paint in the country.

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Bontile Texture Paint

  1. Lasts Almost a Lifetime.
  2. Bontile Texture Paint is a high performance corrosion resistant texture coating.
  3. It is developed under the collaboration of Elite Paint and DNT of Japan.
  4. It is based on 100% Acrylic Emulsion.
  5. It is a three – layer painting procedure consisting of Bontile Sealer, Bontile Texture and Bontile Top Coat.
  6. It is applied with a unique hopper gun instead of a conventional brush or roller.
  7. Available in 3 various granular sized textures – heavy, medium and fine texture.
  8. 15 Years Guaranty.


Properties Features Pack size
Suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces Sealer Coverage: 90 – sqft/Liter; Thinning Ratio 15 – 20%; Recoating 6 hours 3.64 ltr(s)
It gives a rough and shiny outlook with desired granular texture pattern Texture Coverage: 5 – 7.5/Kg; Thinning Ratio 15 – 20%; Recoating 24 hours 18.2 ltr(s)
  Topcoat Coverage: 70 – 75 sqft/Kg; Thinning Ratio 20 – 25%; Recoating 8 hours 20 Kg
  Excellent durability
  Weather resistance