Management Body

Feroz Ahmed Chairman

Best wishes
Feroz Ahmed
Chairman, EPCIL.


Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Ltd has a long and self-righteous story of success in the paint industry. We have started small and embarked on a journey that lasted more than 5 decades and still moving forward with arms wide open to accept all the challenges that the new age has to offer.

My father, the Founder Chairman, Late Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed, had started his journey with small capital and simple machineries. He had a vision that one day this company will reach the peak of success. Today we carry forward the heritage and are working towards the betterment and will continue to endeavor and achieve success of which our father would have been really proud of. We have taken flights and spread wings to establish other concerns of Elite Paint and grown into the giant today, as Elite Paint Group of Companies.

Although we have been able to reach a very commanding height, success is very relative. Elite Paint is now a name synonym to Quality & Luxury. It is our pride and honor to uphold the legacy and cater the customers need to its fullest. We are constantly working hard to lead the company to the zenith.



Selim Ahmed Vice Chariman-2

Best wishes

Salim Ahmed
Vice-Chairman, EPCIL.


Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Ltd has been in the paint business since 1952, and has been in your neighborhood since then as well. We specialize in top quality coating products for residential, commercial, industrial and marine sectors.

We have a young and energetic team of brilliant individuals who are working relentlessly towards excellence. Elite Paint has created opportunity for employment of over 500, from the ground level to the top hierarchy since its adaptation to corporate structure in 2009. Our employees are given training in their own filed for self growth and to deliver better output. We have tried to ensure job security and meet compensatory insurance as well as retirement plans for our employees besides serving our customers’ need. Several of our employees have been with the company for over 63 years. We consider our employees as our family member. We state ourselves as Elite Paint Family.

We have faced all kinds of highs and lows, been through all kinds of changes but have passed all the tests time had thrown before us with brave approaches. Elite Paint may be an old company but it is young at heart. Today Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Ltd has wonderfully reshaped into one of the top leading Bangladeshi paint manufacturer in the paint industry and ensuring itself as a landmark in its own.




Shajir Ahmed

Cordially Yours

Shajir Ahmed
Director, EPCIL.

Elite Paint had started small and embarked on a journey that lasted for more than 5 decades and still thriving forward with arms wide open to accept all the challenges that the new era has to offer.The diversity, commitment and expertise of our employees, working interactively with our clients, project suppliers and service partners, inspire our vision. This development is reflected as we have enlarged our product platform and by introducing creative customized end products to the market. We are working tirelessly to improve ourselves to meet the needs of our dynamic society. We are rebuilding our identity and brand image.

Now we are corporately transformed to reflect an array of a high-quality coating / paint manufacturer.We will continually strive to: Improve our product, develop & introduce new product range of global standard, increase Employee Independence and Self-Sufficiency, Provide Quality Corporate Social & Customer Services, Implement Proven Quality & Management Practices.


Cordially Yours

Rabez Ahmed
Director, EPCIL.

Elite Paint & Chemical Industries Ltd. has number of areas for which we can already report progress. We shall continue to undergo gap analysis exercises centered on identifying the need for stronger business governance over strategic and growth matters and on ensuring more direct engagement and adherence to our corporate objectives. We shall also pursue refreshing our company vision and strengthening its connection to our core mission which remain the focal bonding among the three sustainable pillars: People, Plant and Performance. This website shall be the window through which we would share our news and key business performances with our customers. We want to use this information tool to show how our products are moving in the markets, how we are expanding and refining our operations and how we continue to attract committed, passionate employees who want to help us achieve our goals.

This recognition reflects our commitment to do what it takes to reach the always rising bar for sustainability performance within the regional and international markets. Our people will continue to be the driving force behind our success and growth. We zealously believe that the future of Elite Paint & Chemical Industries depends on the way in which we manufacture wide range of quality painting products for all the sectors and cater customer satisfaction to decorate their niche exquisitely cozy.


Rahil Ahmed

Cordially Yours
Rahil Ahmed
Director/Marketing Specialist, EPCIL.

As a third-generation entrepreneur I grew up cramming the significance of hard work and the nitty – gritty of our business. From the dinner table discussions at home to the global exposure I have acknowledged from a hasty age, have reformed my structure, appeal and the foresight I have today. We live in a world of commerce and industry, complicated interaction and countless relationships between a globalized world of stakeholders. A technological breakthrough in a research lab in Finland can change the way we communicate, while a slight paradigm shift in the credit culture in Bangladesh can rethink the way poverty is alleviated in Mexico. This is the era, where we have to keep up with time.

It’s steady deem that here at the Elite family, individually every member is fast to keep up with time while holding on to the principals and ideals that have been acutely nurtured by our founder chairman (Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed). That is our secret!

To a colorful future!