Late Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed

Founder Chairman, Elite Group of Companies

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Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed was born on the 16th of March, 1931. He started his career with a trading company as an executive in 1952. However, since boyhood he always wished to be an industrialist and play a major role in the country’s economic development.

He initially started off with a small size paint factory under the name ‘Elite Chemical Industries’ in Agrabad, Chittagong.  Few years down the line the factory was transferred to Baizid Bostami I/A, Chittagong, where improved quality paints were produced in much bigger volumes to meet the increasing demand. Elite Chemical Industries became the only producer of top quality paints in Bangladesh providing paints in numerous different shades. It is also the first paint manufacturing company to have served the Bangladesh market. Through Mr. Serajuddin’s hard work, devotion and sincerity the company was able to expand with modern equipments and machineries to produce world class paints. Since its inception Elite Paint was the market leader for 40+ years and was satisfying consumer needs by supplying top quality paints for all purposes.

Shortly after liberation in 1974, he established Elite International Ltd. Through which clearing, forwarding, indenting and tea exporting were carried out. Within a very short span of time he became the largest exporter of tea in Bangladesh and he was also credited for founding the Bangladesh Tea Board. His role in earning foreign currencies was also remarkable and his efforts were highly recognized by the government at that time. He was also a pioneer in the garments and steel industry and he established Elite Garments, Elite Iron & Steel Industries, Delite knitting Co. and Karnaphuli Tanneries all within a very short span of time.

Apart from all that, he was the founder of Arab Bangladesh Bank now known simply as AB Bank, which is the first private sector bank in Bangladesh.  In addition, he established Yousuf Ali High School at Joydebpur, & many other schools, madrasas, orphanages and socio-cultural organizations in his native city of Chittagong. With his in born qualities of an industrialist he only climbed and climbed with honesty, sincerity and by showcasing utmost respect towards all his employees and business colleagues.

With time all his good virtues flourished in the community with such speed that he was regarded as a business leader in Bangladesh and also as one of the finest entrepreneurs in the sub-continent.

From 1975 to 1985 held the positions of:

  • President – Chittagong Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • Chairman – Chittagong Club

  • President – Bangladesh Paint Manufacturer’s Association

  • President – Tea Trader’s Association of Bangladesh

  • Member – Bangladesh Employer’s Association

  • Representative – Public Accounts Committee

  • Special Representative – Trade Body (formed by the government)

Till Date Mr. Serajuddin Ahmed is still regarded as one of the finest entrepreneurs the country has ever seen. Unfortunately he faced an early death on 1st of May, 1985.